Please check out these opportunities and volunteer!

We always can use the help of volunteers in the different areas as follow:

Mentor an actuarial candidate

Students want to connect with actuaries, learn about the profession, get guidance on how to progress in their career. Would you be open to have a student connect with you?

Increase awareness of the actuarial profession

We need Latino actuaries in different cities that can attend a high school or a university to talk to Latino students about the actuarial profession. Having someone that looks like them talking really makes an impression.
There might be a request in your city to help out. Volunteer to help students discover our profession!

Help with mock interviews

As more students connect with OLA, we need help to coach students for real internship or full-time interviews. Some candidates have never had an interview, help us increase their interview experience and confidence!

Help review a resume

As more students seek for internships or full-time jobs, we need help to review actuarial resumes and help the students be able to clearly show what they have achieved and why they would be great hires!

Help review scholarship applications

As OLA’s student base grows we get more applications to our scholarships, if you want to help grade the applications that will determine the winners, let us know. Scholarship reviews happen around May-July each year.

Help us find Latino actuaries

Are you or do you know of Latino actuaries in the U.S.? There are not that many of us and we would like to have as many Latino actuaries identified so we can connect with them and invite them to our networking events as we organize these in different cities. Make sure you register or e-mail us at [email protected]


Help OLA grow and benefit an increasing number of Latino actuarial candidates. You can direct your donation through our Donate button above!


We can use the help and we appreciate your interest in volunteering for OLA! Please complete the following information: