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OLA is a community that keeps growing in both membership and support from allies, corporate sponsors, and partners.

We have a number of different programs to support aspiring actuaries: scholarships, internships, exam support, resume review, mock interviews, career fairs and company events, among others.

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OLA Academic Scholarships

Thanks to our Platinum and Gold sponsors, OLA awards academic scholarships to Latines who will be attending a US college/university next school year and are interested in the actuarial profession.

General scholarships: Winners receive awards of various amounts. The top student will receive the “OLA Cresta Scholarship”, which is a $7,500 award. In Spanish, “ola” means wave, and “cresta” is the crest (top) of the wave. With this award, OLA will be recognizing top future Latine actuaries, incoming freshmen to seniors.

Named scholarships: Winners receive $5,000 and are guaranteed an actuarial internship for the following Summer. Finalists for the named scholarship will be required to interview.

Our scholarship application will open January 1, 2024 and close March 31, 2024.  Stayed tuned!

First Time Exam Taker Stipend

OLA launched a new exam program aimed to support Latine actuarial candidates who are pursuing the actuarial profession and have not yet begun to take exams. OLA will award a First Time Exam Taker Stipend to candidates who need financial support to get their actuarial exams started.  OLA is happy to be able to lessen the financial burden for candidates who need this aid so that they can focus on studying!

For more information:  OLA First Time Exam Taker Stipend

OLA Study Material Stipend

Need financial help to buy study material for your actuarial exams?  OLA helps Latine actuarial candidates with the cost of study exam material for exams P/1, FM/2, MAS-I or FAM.  We are conscious that some students and their families are under financial strain and we hope that this program will benefit Latine candidates as they pursue their actuarial careers.

For more information:  OLA Study Material Stipend

OLA Academy - accepting applications!

The OLA Academy (OLAA) is taking applications!  Take advantage of the OLAA resources and videos to learn how to write an actuarial resume, how to successfully interview and network, among other things. OLAA was created to help Latine actuarial candidates navigate and succeed in their job and internship search process.

OLAA participants are eligible to participate in OLA’s events with actuarial employers, in the OLA virtual career fairs and are eligible to apply to OLA’s Travel Sponsorship program to attend industry conferences.  Become one of our many success stories!

This program is open, apply now using this link: OLA Academy application

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