OLA Campus Ambassadors

The OLA Campus Ambassador Program is a student-led group that champions the advancement of Latine actuarial candidates and the increase of Latine representation in the actuarial profession. OLA Campus Ambassadors inform their peers of OLA news and resources, expand the outreach of the program, and plan campus events. They work closely with the OLA Board of Directors by providing feedback on OLA’s Student Programs.


Celeste Trevino, Drake University
[email protected]
I have played the piano for a little over 13 years.


Cati Romo, University of Pennsylvania
[email protected]
I can see Mexico from the mall that I go to in my hometown, Laredo, TX.


Karen Hawk, University of Texas at El Paso
[email protected]
I love camping, hiking, and traveling!

norma maldonado

Norma Maldonado, Georgia State University
[email protected]
I don’t know how to answer the question “Where are you from?” as I considered myself bicultural and always have to explain the story.

iliana lawrence

Iliana Lawrence, Texas Tech University
[email protected]
I was named after a Marvel superhero.

caroline glazier

Caroline Glazier, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
[email protected]
I am fluent in French.

ria andrade

Ria Andrade, University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]
I’m currently learning Turkish.

carina guerrero fabian

Carina Guerrero Fabian, University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]
In my free time, I like to come up with dance choreographies.

dennis rodriguez

Dennis Rodriguez Garcia, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
[email protected]
I like going to the beach and I live 30 min away from South Padre Island in Brownsville, TX – yet I’m allergic to seawater and I can’t swim!

lizbeth tlatenchi

Lizbeth Tlatenchi, Roosevelt University
[email protected]
In my free time, one of the things I like to do is assemble puzzles. Lately, I’ve been getting into 3D puzzles, in which the end product is always satisfying.

christian urena

Christian Urena, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
[email protected]
I fractured a finger 3 times in elementary school.

maddie levithan

Maddie Levithan, The Ohio State University
[email protected]
Outside of my studies, I like to go surfing on the New Jersey beaches.


Russell Mejia, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
[email protected]
How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show.

Melanie F

Melanie Figueroa, University of Central Florida
[email protected]

I make a great Ratatouille!