OLA Campus Ambassadors

The OLA Campus Ambassador Program is a student-led group that champions the advancement of Latine actuarial candidates and the increase of Latine representation in the actuarial profession. OLA Campus Ambassadors inform their peers of OLA news and resources, expand the outreach of the program, and plan campus events. They work closely with the OLA Board of Directors by providing feedback on OLA’s Student Programs.


Meirah Lopez Carrion, Miami Dade College
[email protected]
I am an aerialist.


Javier Pedraza-Mena, University of Florida
[email protected]
I love fishing and being on the boat.


Alicia Duran, Texas A&M University
[email protected]
I live with 6 cats (not mine).

brandon j

Brandon Jauregui, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
[email protected]
I’m Red-Green color deficient 🙁


Celeste Trevino, Drake University
[email protected]
I have played the piano for a little over 13 years.


Cati Romo, University of Pennsylvania
[email protected]
I can say the alphabet backwards.


Diego Orellana, Arizona State University
[email protected]
I have been to over 20 countries.


Francisco Nieves, Purdue
[email protected]
The only two albums I’ve listened to all the way through are ‘Damn’ by Kendrick Lamar and ‘Eternal Atake’ by Lil Uzi Vert.


Gabriel Garcia, Dordt University
[email protected]
Earned my black belt in Taekwondo when I was 7 years old.


Rodrigo Gomez, Florida State University
[email protected]
I love hiking and I’m passionate about automotive.

lizbeth tlatenchi

Lizbeth Tlatenchi, Roosevelt University
[email protected]
I am expanding my CD and cassette collection of my favorite bands.

manuel t

Manuel Trosman, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
[email protected]
Love basketball.

mariana c

Mariana Cano, University of Wisconsin-Madison
[email protected]
I love playing tennis.

Melanie F

Melanie Figueroa, University of Central Florida
[email protected]
I can make a killer Ratatouille!


Morgan Woods, University of Tampa
[email protected]
I love to workout and am also a personal trainer.


Natalia Moran, Texas Christian University
[email protected]
I have been to over 20 countries.


Norma Maldonado, Georgia State University
[email protected]
My favorite activity to do over the summer is white water rafting.


Ricardo Reyes, Univ. of California, Berkeley
[email protected]
Although I’m from California, my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter 🙂


Ryan Diaz, University of Florida
[email protected]
I longboard for fun!

Sofia Carreon

Sofia Carreon, University of Texas at El Paso
[email protected]
I have two dogs, a cat and a turtle.